Ask and you shall receive

Everyone who asks receives. (Matthew 7:8)

Someone once said, “Christians, like slaves and soldiers, don’t ask questions.” In other words, do what you’re told and don’t make trouble.

“How dare you question God?”

But Jesus said, “Ask and you shall receive.”

Asking questions is healthy. It’s how we grow. When we stop asking, we stop growing.

Jesus said we come to his kingdom like little children, and children ask questions all the time: Why is the sky blue? Why do ladybugs have spots? Where do thoughts come from? Why do we see only one thing if we have two eyes? What’s outside the universe? Why don’t fish have eyebrows?

A good father delights in the questions of his children. He knows that good questions are doors to discovery. Questions are keys that unlock treasure.

The problem is we don’t ask so we don’t receive. The door stays shut and the treasure stays locked.

So ask.

God loves it when you ask questions: Who filled the earth with wonders and cloaked the universe in mystery? Who made the galaxies spin and packed the tiny atom with energy? Who set up the water cycle and mixed the cocktail we call air?

Who showed the migrating bird how to cross the ocean or the salmon how to find his way home? Who taught the insects to pollinate our food and gave us taste buds to enjoy it? Who made us curious and inventive? Who made women unfathomable and children unpredictable?

Your breakthrough begins with you asking good questions. Don’t hesitate to ask.

God loves good questions because ultimately our questions lead to him.

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By Paul Ellis

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