How to find comfort in the story of Job

Not once through all this did Job sin; not once did he blame God. (Job 1:22, MSG)

There are two ways to read this passage.

DIY religion says, “See Job. Study Job. Be like Job.” But that way lies self-trust and disaster. Job wasn’t the self-made hero religion makes him out to be.

It’s important you get this because if you put Job on a pedestal you’ll miss the grace of God.

If Job was a perfect man, he would have had no need of God’s aid. But Job was an imperfect man with a very great need.

When he finally saw this – after 40 long chapters of introspective pity-partying – he was greatly blessed. What the devil stole, God restored twofold.

Don’t you love this?

The devil may take your job, your health, your life, but God has the last word and all things work out good for those who know his love.

The Book of Job isn’t about a good man going through bad times, but a good God who loves us through thick and thin, and who desires to bless us no matter what we’ve said or done.

Read the Job passage through the lens of grace and the message is, “See the love of God! Look at what God does for broken people like Job!”

That’s the real message of Job, and that’s the good news of grace.

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By Paul Ellis

Author of award-winning commentaries


  1. I understand grace emphatically..That Jesus Christ did it ALL NOT ME! but in trying to teach my christian daughter grace..she quotes..if thy eye causes you to sin pluck it out..she is attempting to live a SELF disciplined life for God. What should be my answer?

      1. I sent your response to my daughterand she responded that I use the message of grace as a license to sin…please respond!

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