What does God see when he looks at me?

If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Light and dark cannot coexist. Neither can perfection and imperfection coexist. For the Lord to have any sort of relationship with you, he had to make you into something you weren’t and he did.

When you came to Christ, you were cleansed from sin and joined in vital union with the Lord. You are no longer part of Adam’s race. You are a son or daughter of the Everlasting Father.

Christ is your life. You stand on his faith and are cloaked in his love. Your present and passing imperfections are hidden within his eternal and sublime perfections.

When God looks at you, he doesn’t just see who you are now, with your flaws and faults. He doesn’t just see your potential.

He sees who you are in eternity.

What does God see when he looks at you? He sees the real you.

And from his timeless perspective you are faultless, blameless, and radiant with glory.

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By Paul Ellis

Author of award-winning commentaries


  1. This is such brilliant news! Well worth passing on because it is THE TRUTH, As believers we are now HIDEN IN CHRIST IN GOD, THE FATHER!! Thank you Jesus!…..Amen.

  2. I very much enjoy your posts and perspectives on the Christian life through the lens of the New Covenant. Unfortunately, even with all the material available on the grace walk, there are, in the scheme of things, very few who preach and teach it without a smattering of law. Thank you for holding sway. With that said, I find it interesting that you posit in this post that perfection cannot coexist with imperfection. Because God is omnipresent, He has existed with imperfection since the fall of man. Jesus was God and lived among imperfections daily. Would you cite the Scripture that supports your point? I’m thinking there is a better way to say what you are trying to say. Thank you.

    1. God is certainly not allergic to sin or sinners, but no fig leaves grow on the divine Vine. When you were joined to the Lord, you had to change and God changed you (see above). He perfected you or made you complete (Heb. 10:14, Col. 2:10). As the temple of the Holy Spirit, you are as holy and righteous as Jesus (1 John 4:17).

      1. Brilliant! The fig leaf had to be ‘detached’ from the fig tree to ‘cover us!’ But now the branch (us), has been ‘attached’ to the vine (Him) to make us ‘One with Him’. Our sin is no longer covered but instead we become ‘the Righteousness of God in Him!’ Thank you Jesus!

  3. Thanks Paul, very much for the messages you bring.. I know God will continually bless you and your family..

  4. Thank you., these words spoke to me. Joined with Christ Jesus in a union so deep that my peanut brain cannot grasp it. And some days denies it intellectually, but believes it deep down. God bless you.

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