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  1. I am so thrilled about your new site!! I believe so many believers will really understand God’s Grace so much better through this commentary!! I am praying for the completion and success of this project!! Thank you!!

  2. This has the potential to become an outstanding/invaluable grace resource, something which I believe is lacking at the moment. I will not only use it for my personal use but it will be beneficial in group discussions.

    1. I value all feedback. If you want to send me a message but don’t wish for your comment to be published, you can preface your comment with “Please don’t publish this” or “For Paul’s eyes only” or similar. Alternatively, send me a message via FB. I am not able to reply to every comment and message I get, but I do see them.

  3. I wish I had the words to describe how delighted I am to have this resource!! I realize that it has been an immense undertaking on your part, but now I have a place to go to when I’m reading scripture and get “stuck” because I run into a passage that seems contradictory to the gospel of grace. Your “Scripture Archive” has been extremely helpful, but sometimes there are passages that just aren’t there. Now I feel like I have all of the equipment necessary for the job – (whatever that means). Lol.

  4. Hey Paul – I was digging through Acts 2:38 and was trying to figure out whether it was saying to be “baptized in WATER in the name of Jesus” or was it saying to be emerged in the “name of Jesus”, and that the word “baptised” was thrown in simply as a metaphor to describe emersion in Jesus?

    Side note: what you wrote on this verse is so revealing and reinforcing that it almost makes my question unnecessary! AND, btw, when you so graciously respond to a question I have, I don’t acknowledge your response with the inefficient ping-pong game of “thanks” and then “you’re welcome”, etc. I assume you understand that you hit the nail on the head and I don’t want to waste your time, but rather let you get back to being productive. AND if I don’t get a response, I am never offended and assume that you expect I’ll stumble into the answer on my own rather soon!

    I’m not a suck-up (generally….lol), but I wish I could adequately express how grateful I am for all that you do. I’ve started a little study with some friends and we’re using “Gospel in 20 Questions”….. one of the others responded that its the most life-changing book she’s ever encountered. We all feel like we’re getting the foundational things we’ve all needed. After this, we’ll go to “Gospel in 10 Words”.

    Thank you!!

    1. Thank you, Bill. I appreciate the encouragement and the feedback. I’ll get around to writing something for the rest of Acts 2:38 one of these days. I’m glad you’re enjoying The Gospel in Twenty Questions.

  5. Hi Paul. I was just reading your page on God’s love (thanks for putting that together!) and noticed a typo in the word ‘appeased’ right near the bottom of the page. Then I read a little further and saw this:

    The Grace Commentary is a work in progress with new content added regularly. Sign up for occasional updates below. Got something to say? Please use the Feedback page. To report typos or broken links on this specific page, please use the comment form below.

    which says to use the comment form below – except that there isn’t one on that page!

    Thought that you might like to rectify both of these things when you get a chance.
    Blessings, Peter

  6. Rm 6:6 …crucified with Him that the BODY OF SIN might be done away with (anulled or disregarded)…Consider that the body of sin is referring to the remnant (remains) of the old man who was crucified (not our physical body which is NOT inherently sinful)..I believe that the Body of Sin here and maybe in some other places (Rm 8:10) equals the flesh ( as in your final definition)…. What do you think?

  7. I noticed that you mistyped the verse in your Grace Commentary (Ephesians 2): “saved by grace along.” It’s an easy thing to do 🙂

  8. Note on 2 Peter 1:9 notes 2 John 2:2 and I think you meant 1 John 2:2. Also, I strongly dislike that my first contact with you is reporting a typo. I’m glad I don’t have massive amounts of material on the internet so people would tell me all my typos. 😀 But seriously, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your work. I’d love it if you would ever have time to join us on the air.

  9. I’m glad I finally delved into this commentary, it’s sooo helpful! So of course now I want to bug you about a verse that’s not in here yet – you know cause you have so much free time 🤪 anyway it’s Acts 4:33 – great grace was upon them all…as opposed to regular grace??🤷🏼‍♀️ thanks so much for all you do, I’ll be one of your eternal friends 🤗 I’m attending a Bible study on Revelation and I’ve been using your Letters From Jesus book but getting some blowback, especially about rewards and levels in heaven, so I checked E2R and your books (I have them all) for more ammo. I’ll be even more prepared this week! God bless you!

    1. Feel free to bug me about verses you want added to the commentary, Helen. I can’t promise a quick response because at any point I’m usually working on about 50 verses. But I’ll add your requests to my list.

  10. Commentary for Romans 13:8. I think the second sentence is supposed to read, “We can be guided by love” vs. “by guided by love”. So appreciate your work by the way. Since discovering your commentary a weight has lifted off of my shoulders that I never knew existed. Thank you.

  11. Looked up Ephesians 6:24, however you stop at verse 23, it would be good to expand on what it means more precisely, “24 Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love.” Especially undying love! Thanks James Ps my Patreon which I had for 5 years cancelled because my credit card expired, is there an easy way to continue, rather than sign up again?

  12. Dear Paul, I was reading your amazing commentary on Matthew 13:44 and the reference to Deuteronomy was out by 10 chapters, see below the following:… Thank you and hope that helps.

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