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  1. I am so thrilled about your new site!! I believe so many believers will really understand God’s Grace so much better through this commentary!! I am praying for the completion and success of this project!! Thank you!!

  2. This has the potential to become an outstanding/invaluable grace resource, something which I believe is lacking at the moment. I will not only use it for my personal use but it will be beneficial in group discussions.

  3. Hi Paul…what an extraordinary idea! I would buy several! thanks for all you do and teach. Tanya Nareau

    1. I value all feedback. If you want to send me a message but don’t wish for your comment to be published, you can preface your comment with “Please don’t publish this” or “For Paul’s eyes only” or similar. Alternatively, send me a message via FB. I am not able to reply to every comment and message I get, but I do see them.

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