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  1. Hey, Paul . It’s Don Beeson. This is really a cool resource you’ve created 🙂 Thanks for doing all that was necessary to get this up and running. If by chance I should die during surgery —and I know you’ve said I won’t lol — I hope you’ll use the money to further people’s understanding of grace and the crazy love God has for them. I’m still learning about that and allowing it to sink in, but after years of law-based living and teaching it’s not easy to shake the old thinking : )

    1. Thanks Don. I’m sure your surgery will go well, and we’re praying. Thanks for your support. My hope is this commentary will help many discover the unconditional love of their heavenly Father.

      1. I’ll be sending people to the site. I’m currently chatting with the son of a missionary who lives in Davao City, Philippines. He’s going on a missions trip with Royal Servants this summer. And I told him about you and Escape to Reality. He’s very excited about your site and is light years ahead of me when I was his age, 17. We really do need to reach the young kids who have committed themselves to Christ but need to have their eyes opened to what grace really is.

    1. Please bear with us – the commentary is brand new, and even though we are adding 100+ scriptures every month we have a loooong way to go. If you want a glimpse of the finished product, check out the entries for 1 John.

    1. As far as I am aware, there is only one online commentary that does not put price tags on the grace of God or try to mix grace with dead works, and you’re reading it.

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