Peer Review

The Grace Commentary is peer reviewed, but not in the usual sense.

Peer review is what happens when an author submits a manuscript and the publisher asks them to nominate some experts who might review it. Keen to maximize their chances of publication, the author might pick their mentor, some members of their dissertation committee, and maybe a friend from seminary.

In contrast, the content on The Grace Commentary has been scrutinized by readers of all stripes and persuasions. Some are pastors and professors; many are not. Some are fans who love what I write; others are critics who challenge what I say. But all of them love the Lord and are familiar with the scriptures.

To date, readers of my books, articles, and posts have contributed more than 40,000 comments, and this feedback has been invaluable to my writing. It is fair to say that The Grace Commentary has been shaped by hundreds of believers from a variety of denominational backgrounds.

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