2000 Verses!

My goal for the first year of the Grace Commentary was to write entries for 1000 verses. We passed that milestone after six months.

A few weeks ago we also passed the 2000 verse milestone.

I’m shaking my head as I write this. It’s a little hard to believe. But God’s grace has been on this project from the beginning.

I’m delighted to have done so much in the first year, but will I do another 2000 verses this year? It’s unlikely.

My initial goal was to do all the core grace scriptures first and then the tricky scriptures. (By tricky, I mean the scriptures readers ask me about.) I would say that goal is 95% complete, at least for the New Testament.

Readers care about eternal security and forgiveness a lot more than who begat who.

But don’t worry. I’m going to keep writing for as long as the tap stays on. Personally, I’m curious about pretty much everything in the Bible.

Even the begats.

Since my last update I have added some new entries to the Grace Glossary:

A year ago this commentary did not exist. Now it’s a halfway-decent tool used by pastors, students, and people like you.

As you know, the Grace Commentary could not exist without the support of readers. To thank our supporters I am in the middle of releasing three indepth commentaries on Romans. Two of them are already available on Patreon:

Available now
Available now
Coming soon!

Grace and peace,

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By Paul Ellis

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