Grace Glossary Update

Going Full Disney

Since our last update, we have added thousands of words to the Grace Glossary. Check out these new entries:

What does the Grace Glossary have to do with the Grace Commentary? They cover the same material, but the former is organized by topic; the latter by verse.

As you may know, both the Commentary and Glossary are still fairly new. In the last nine months we have laid the foundation and begun to build. We’ve added thousands of entries for more than 1,500 verses, with many more coming soon.

You may be wondering, what will it look like when it’s finished?

It will be beautiful. The Grace Commentary will be a tool to help you grow in grace. It will be a place where people encounter Jesus without the baggage of dead religion. It will be a treasure trove for pastors, parents, and teachers in every nation.

And now, a story.

Walt Disney among the orange trees

When Walt Disney had the dream for building Disneyland, he took his friend Art Linkletter to the undeveloped site and cast the vision. “It will be the happiest place on earth.” But Linkletter couldn’t see it. “It’s just a grove of orange trees.”

Disney suggested Linkletter invest in the project, but Linkletter passed – and he regretted it for the rest of his life.

Permit me to go full-Disney for a minute.

When it’s finished, the Grace Commentary will be available on a variety of platforms and in several languages. It probably won’t be the happiest place on earth, but it will be one of the most helpful. It will be a resource you use again and again. You may wonder how you ever managed without it.

And you could say, “I saw it. I was there from the beginning.”

Are you a Disney or a Linkletter? If you’re thinking this commentary needs to exist, please consider making a donation to help cover our production and hosting costs. Every little bit helps.

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But if you’re thinking, “I believe in this venture and I want to be a part of it from the beginning,” please consider signing up as a monthly supporter. Your support will help us turn the dream into reality.

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The Grace Commentary is no Mickey Mouse project. Together we can make something beautiful that will help people everywhere encounter the liberating grace of God.

Grace and peace,

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By Paul Ellis

Author of award-winning commentaries

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