1500 Verses

We have recently passed another milestone: there are now 1500 verses indexed on the Grace Commentary!

Since each index has about 3 entries, that’s almost 5000 entries written in the first ten months of this project. It has been a huge amount of work and we have learned a lot. We’re getting both faster and slower.

Faster, because we’ve learned the ropes. We’ve developed a system for writing, editing, uploading and it seems to work.

Slower, because we did the quick and easy verses first. We’ve left the meaty ones for later, not because they are harder, but because they are richer and deeper and full of treasure.

Rather than tell you which scriptures have been added in the last few weeks, here’s a list of questions for which you can now find answers on the Grace Commentary:

1. If God loves the whole world, why does he hate Esau?
2. What is predestination?
3. What did Jesus mean when he said, “Hold fast, so that no one will take your crown?”
4. Why did Jesus and the disciples celebrate Passover at the Last Supper, while the chief priests waited until the next day?
5. What is the “one baptism”?
6. How do we confess our sins?
7. Why does Paul say “doers of the law will be justified”?
8. Who is a pillar in the church?
9. Why did Jesus say, “See you in Galilee?”
10. What is the hour of testing coming on the whole world?

11. What is the sin leading to death?
12. Why was Paul eager to remember the poor?
13. How do we test ourselves to see if we are in the faith?
14. What does it mean to fall from grace?
15. Will God erase me from the Book of Life?
16. What does it mean to say “the women are to keep silent”?
17. Why did Jesus tell the high priest he would see the Son of Man in power?
18. What is “another gospel”?
19. Why does John say we are living in the last hour?
20. Why did Jesus tell the disciples to pack swords for their trip to the garden of Gethsemane?

21. What is the word of God?
22. Why say a man is justified by works and not faith alone?
23. How will God repay us according to our deeds?
24. Why didn’t the religious leaders stone Jesus like the stoned Stephen?
25. Why did Paul call himself a bond-servant if he knew he was a son?
26. What is a measure of faith?
27. How do we work out your salvation “with fear and trembling”?
28. What is the significance of David’s Key?
29. What does it mean to “the God of hope”?
30. What are the works of faith?

If you think The Grace Commentary is a worthwhile project, here are some things you can do to help it grow:

  1. Pray for wisdom for me as I write.
  2. Tell others about it making sure you include the word “the” – it’s TheGraceCommentary.com
  3. Put a link to it on your website – pages with incoming links feature higher in search results
  4. Become a financial supporter to help cover the running / hosting costs of the Commentary

Thank you for being a part of this exciting new venture!

Grace and peace,


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By Paul Ellis

Author of award-winning commentaries

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