2500 Verses!

Hi friends,

We recently passed another milestone with the Grace Commentary – 2,500 verses!

We have added a ton of new content for various end times’ prophecies (e.g., Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 19).

We have also added new glossary entries for:

In addition to adding new content, we are constantly expanding and improving existing content. In a given month we may add commentary for 100 new scriptures but we will also tweak the commentary on 100 existing scriptures.

Which means the Grace Commentary is getting bigger and better all the time!

That said, our aim is to go fast and loose and make revisions on the fly. We figure readers would rather have rough commentary on 100 verses than polished commentary on 10.

But if you are looking for polished commentary, I am pleased to introduce an entirely new project called the Grace Bible.

The Grace Commentary and the Grace Bible go together like a sword and a trowel, and I plan to work on them at the same time. While the Grace Commentary is an ever-growing website rich with content, The Grace Bible is a book of treasures that you can share with friends.

For the next week or so, you can get the first instalment free from the new Grace Bible website. While you are there, make sure to sign up for updates on future instalments.

As always, a huge thanks to our supporters without whom gospel ventures like these would not be possible.

Grace and peace,


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By Paul Ellis

Author of award-winning commentaries


  1. I am delighted to hear these news. My only concern is that as a Patreon, l do not see money being deducted from my account,lt stopped some months ago. Can you resuscitate that?

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