The Grace Commentary is now available in 24 languages!

Hi friends,

Since our last update we have added a translator plugin to make the Grace Commentary readable in several languages. We’re very excited about this as it has long been our goal to make this message as widely available as possible.

On the Grace Commentary you can access the translator by clicking the flag on the top of the page. Since my Danish wife Camilla has been doing most of the tweaking, you will understand why she put Danish at the top of the list:

Although the translator is far from perfect, hopefully it’s good enough to make the gospel of grace understandable to non-English speakers.

The other big news is that we have started a companion website called The Grace Bible.

What’s the difference between the Grace Commentary and the Grace Bible?

The Grace Commentary is an ever-growing website, while the Grace Bible is a book of grace treasures that you can share with friends.

The Grace Commentary is a tool you can dip into as you need; the Grace Bible is something you can read from cover to cover.

The Grace Commentary is a work-in-progress; the Grace Bible is the finished and polished product.

Check it out and download the first installment (1-3 John) for free.

Grace and peace,

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By Paul Ellis

Author of award-winning commentaries

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