Grace Glossary Update

Going Full Disney Since our last update, we have added thousands of words to the Grace Glossary. Check out these new entries: BaptismGospel, TheHolinessNew LifeRighteousnessSalvationSelf-RighteousnessWord of God What does the Grace Glossary have to do with the Grace Commentary? They cover the same material, but the former is organized by topic; the latter by verse.…… Continue reading Grace Glossary Update

Introducing the Grace Glossary

Introducing the Grace Glossary Words mean different things to different people. Take the word lockdown for instance. In New Zealand, lockdown means everybody stays home. But in other places – and I’m looking at you New South Wales – lockdown means something different. The same is true when we come to the Bible: one word…… Continue reading Introducing the Grace Glossary

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