A Grace Commentary for Every Believer

Imagine a world where every believer knows how to read scripture through a new covenant lens. Imagine they have a study guide that is simple, beautiful and free from mixture. Something like this:

The Grace Commentary is a guide to help you grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to put The Grace Commentary in the pocket of every believer. Just imagine how helpful that would be for leaders like Pastor Joe Ganahl of South Dakota:

The Grace Commentary is the #1 resource I use, both personally and professionally, when I want to understand God’s word from a new covenant perspective. Our entire church uses this resource, and I highly recommend it.

People are hungry for grace. The Grace Commentary is only two years old but it is already being read in more than 170 countries. So far we have uploaded 7000+ entries covering 3000+ verses, but much remains to be done.

This is where you come in.

Would you like to be part of an exciting project with the potential to deliver grace to millions of people? Would you consider joining our monthly support team? Your support will help us complete the commentary and offer versions in multiple formats and languages.

If you believe the church needs to be equipped in grace and protected from toxic mixture, this is the investment partnership you’ve been looking for. Together we have an opportunity to make an impact of eternal significance.

A monthly contribution of just $25 keeps the commentary free for all. Some give more, some give less. But if you can contribute $100/month or more, we will list you as one of our co-editors or co-publishers on the Grace Commentary supporters’ page. It will be an honor to partner with you.

Don’t wish to join the monthly support team? You can also make an annual contribution or a special gift.

Will you join the Grace Commentary team? Sign up today and your gift will have immediate impact.

Thank you,

By Paul Ellis

Author of award-winning commentaries

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