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Das Grace-Glossar wird vollständig durch die Unterstützung unserer Leser finanziert:

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  1. So thankful for you and your God given passion! 🙌 For your willingness to work so hard. 😌 For our God of grace and love.
    Blessings , Brother.

  2. I love this Paul. It is so confirming that the other Paul, realsing the difficult times ahead said in his farewell to the Ephesian Church (Acts 20:24): «I do not consider my life of any account as dear to mysel, so that I may finish my course and the ministry I received from the Lord Jesus, to tstify solemnly of the gospel of the GRACE of God.» May you be blessed in your work, Paul, and continue to bless us like you have done for years! Erik

  3. Bravo, Paul. I sensed the same need – a re-definition of terms – when I started Posting on my web site. So I linked my Glossary to my postings, started on Jan.3 2021. It will be fun “comparing notes.”
    I also have been Posting some of your articles there recently. The “Grace Revolution” is actually a 2nd Reformation, updating key revelations that Luther did not yet grasp. And it is an ongoing mind-renewal in our living relationship with our Loving Father-God. You are a major blessing to the Body of Christ! LR

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