Good news, bad news

Hi friends,

I trust you have enjoyed the weekly word of grace I have been sending out each Sunday since January.

I have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is there will be no more weekly word of grace coming to you from the Grace Commentary.

The good news is that a weekly word of grace will now be coming to you from Escape to Reality.

If you are not an Escape to Reality subscriber, now is a good time to sign up. This week’s article is called, “What does it mean to abide in the vine?”

I’m making this change because a weekly grace email is not a good fit for the Grace Commentary. I want to reserve the updates page for actual updates and news about the growing commentary. I have had plenty of news to share this year, but I have been reluctant to interrupt the weekly word of grace series.

So starting this week, there will be a fresh word of grace in your email every Thursday (or Wednesday if you live in the US/EU), provided you are an Escape to Reality subscriber.

To summarize:

Grace and peace,

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By Paul Ellis

Author of award-winning commentaries


  1. Thanks for your good work Paul! It seems like you have an abundance of energy which is good for all of us.

  2. You have proven to be a real messenger from God in my life and whatever direction you choose to take is alright by me. I’m a long term E2R follower.

  3. Paul, you’re a busy man. Totally understand.. I thank the Lord for you my friend.. truly

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