Kisah 25

Kisah Para Rasul 25:8

sementara Paulus berkata dalam pembelaannya sendiri, “Saya tidak melakukan kesalahan sama ada terhadap Hukum orang Yahudi, atau terhadap bait suci atau terhadap Kaisar.”

Undang-undang Yahudi is another name for the Law of Moses, the commandments, ordinances, punishments, and ceremonial observances given to the nation of Israel through Moses (Jos. 8:31, John 1:17, 7:19). See kemasukan untuk Undang-undang.

Acts 25:13

Now when several days had elapsed, King Agrippa and Bernice arrived at Caesarea and paid their respects to Festus.

King Agrippa was Herod Agrippa II, the son of Herod Agrippa I (see kemasukan for Acts 12:1). King Agrippa was the great-grandson of Herod the Great (see kemasukan for Matt. 2:1).

Acts 25:15

and when I was at Jerusalem, the chief priests and the elders of the Jews brought charges against him, asking for a sentence of condemnation against him.

(a) The chief priests; lihat kemasukan for Matt. 2:4.

(b) Elders; lihat kemasukan for Matt. 16:21.

Acts 25:16

“I answered them that it is not the custom of the Romans to hand over any man before the accused meets his accusers face to face and has an opportunity to make his defense against the charges.

His accusers. There are numerous examples in the New Testament of religious types and law-lovers bringing accusations against those who preach grace (see kemasukan for Matt. 12:10).

Kisah Para Rasul 25:22

Kemudian Agripa berkata kepada Festus, "Aku juga ingin mendengar orang itu sendiri." “Esok,” katanya, “kamu akan mendengarnya.”

Agrippa was Herod Agrippa II, not to be confused with his father Herod Agrippa I (see kemasukan for Acts 12:1).

God told Saul that he would carry his name to kings or rulers (Acts 9:15). This prophecy came true. Saul or Paul preached to kings such as Herod Agrippa, Roman governors and proconsuls (Acts 13:12, 24:24), and the emperor himself (Acts 27:24).

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